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COVID-19 cause suspension of five major leagues, EA adjusts Team of the Week Moments

2020-03-23 07:46

The COVID-19 is raging in Europe, directly leading to the suspension of the five major leagues. This has also affected the FUT 20 Ultimate Team's best lineup released every week. In order to cope with the current situation, EA SPORTS adjusted the release strategy of the best team of the week and launched a new Team of the Week Moments.

Team of the Week Moments will roll out FUT's best team of the week corresponding to a specific version of the previous few months of the previous season. The released player card players will be the clubs currently playing, and the overall evaluation promotion rules will be the same as FUT's 20 week best promotion rules be consistent. In a simple way, upgrade the player card of the current season with the best team of the week released in previous years.

From March 18 until the major leagues resume the game, Team of the Week Moments will be announced every Wednesday night to replace the previous Team of the Week. Players will be able to obtain TOTWM player cards from multiple channels:

-FUT Champions Weekly Rewards

-Various player card packs

-Squad Battle weekly reward


-FUT Objective season goal

-Recruit Mode

In addition, EA explained other rules related to the TOTWM player card:

If a player retires, is suspended, or does not appear in FUT20, the corresponding TOTWM lineup released will not include this player;

Players will not be selected back-to-back in the TOTWM lineup;

TOTWM will use a bust of the player;

In the future, SBCs requesting sacrifices to TOTWM player cards will be announced;

The existing TOTW player card package can only open the player in the 26th period of TOTW. If the TOTW player package is restored in the future league, the player of the week in the current period will be opened;

Ones to Watch card and Headliners card will be upgraded according to the released TOTWM lineup;

The upgrade of the Champions League and Europa League Dynamic Cards will still be triggered based on the actual match results;

The Marquee Matchups Focus SBC launched every Thursday morning will be replaced by the Marquee Matchups Moments Focus SBC;

The monthly best player SBC in each league will be launched on schedule in February, and will be decided in the future based on the recovery of major leagues;

The UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Champions League and the South American Liberator Cup MOTM Best Player Card on the spot will be suspended until the various games resume;

Weekly reward red card players will be the TOTWM players announced this week, and TOTWM players can be used to complete the FUT Champions upgrade SBC;

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