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FIFA 21 FUTTIES: Fan Vote Thiago Mendes SBC

2021-08-19 04:25

FIFA 22 is coming soon, but this does not stop FIFA 21 from giving up more and more fans’ favorite FUTTIES content! The latest SBC has arrived, and you have a limited window to snap up this excellent FUTTIES Thiago Mendes for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Considering some of the 98 and 99 OVR behemoths recently launched, Mendes’ OVR rating is only 95, which does not seem worth it. However, only a few reasonable lineups are needed, and Thiago Mendes is definitely stealing once you realize some of his ratings.

FUTTIES Thiago Mendes has only three ratings below 80. He is only in his 70s in terms of volleys, free throws and header accuracy. He does not have any obvious weaknesses. Most importantly, he scored a perfect 99 points in possession, shooting power, interceptions, short passes, endurance, and aggression.

He was followed by a score of 98 for long pass, 97 for reaction and composure, and 95 for long shot, agility, balance, and dribbling. With everything else in the 80s and 90s, you certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to have this outstanding midfielder join your team.

EA is asking for three teams in exchange for the 95-rated version of Lyon's midfielder.

The requirements for all three squads are as follows:

Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon Players: Min. 1

Squad Rating: Min. 80

Team Chemistry: Min. 70

Reward: One Mixed Players Pack

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 Players: Min. 1

Squad Rating: Min. 82

Team Chemistry: Min. 65

Reward: One Premium Electrum Players Pack

Top Form

TOTW or TOTS Players: Min. 1

Squad Rating: Min. 84

Team Chemistry: Min. 60

Reward: One Gold Players Pack

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