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FIFA 21: The Guides to be Fastest Right Backs

2021-04-09 08:09

FIFA 21 has been out for a long time, but this does not mean that no new players will join the game, especially when the migration of next-generation consoles continues. And this is the first time in a period of time, speed is again important. Whether you are defending in a game or breaking through in offense, you need to improve your team's pace in FIFA 21. Whether it is the professional mode, ultimate team, professional club, online season, kickoff. You need speed. The talented defenders are ranked according to potential rank. So you will get the best right back players in FIFA career mode.

In addition to the sprint speed in FIFA 21, there is many more effective players' speed, but of course, the top speed of the right back is very crucial. Except the sprint speed, acceleration is the main factor that affects the player's running speed in the game, indicating the speed at which the player can reach the highest speed.

In the speed of the right back in the game, another particularly important attribute is agility. Since full backs are usually required to change from facing offense to catching up with wingers, it is important to determine in sports aspects such as turning speed that agility is essential for the fastest right back to play its speed.

By obtaining one of the fastest RBs in FIFA 21, ensure that the right back can threaten on the offensive end and quickly turn around to catch the winger.

Below are some fastest right backs in FIFA 21

Fabian Viáfara

Juan Cuadrado

Jeremie Frimpong


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