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FIFA 21 Tips Guide: How to Shoot

2021-06-09 07:06

Among all the complex skills, ultimate team strategy, and management, it is easy to forget some of the basic elements of shooting in FIFA 21. The game provides a variety of different shooting types. Of course, shooting correctly is more than just understanding control. For example, shots that require additional button presses need to be timed correctly to perform. Not all shots are suitable for all situations, so it is crucial to know when to use them.

Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing, a new shooting mechanism that allows you to time your shots, which will help you shoot more accurately and score points from narrow angles that cannot be scored using classic shooting styles. To do this, you need to click the shot button twice. The time between each tap is the key, which is why it is called "timed finishing".

To use this technique to time your shots and score goals, the challenge is to perfectly grasp the timing of your second shot. If you click it too early or too late, it may actually make your shooting worse. After opening FIFA Trainer, you will see a colored bar with a slider on the player's head. When the slider hits the green area in the middle, your second click should be correct.

Low driven shot

Because football players are higher than the pitch during the flight, it is difficult for any goalkeeper to defend a low shot. When the goalkeeper tries to defend such a shot, the ball is usually paired to kick a corner kick or hit under the offensive player's leg. This creates a convenient situation where the action is accomplished by hitting the ball towards the goal. To make a low driven shot, press the button responsible for the adjuster and fine shot adjuster and the button responsible for the shot.

Chip Shots

Sometimes the goalkeeper is too far from the goal, it is appropriate to use the cut ball. This type of shot attempts to push the ball above the goal touched by the goalkeeper. To perform a chip shot, you need to use the shot modifier. The lens modifier is the L1 button on the PlayStation or the LB button on the Xbox.

Header shot

When the ball is in the air and at an appropriate height, all players in the opponent's penalty area will attempt to shoot with a header. Depending on the height of the ball, it may be a classic header or a diving header. A header shot is usually the best and easiest way to score a goal after a cross, and in FIFA 21, this shot has been significantly increased. To make a header shot, just press the button responsible for the shot.

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