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FIFA 21: Transfer market guide to get best players

2021-05-14 04:50

If you want to get the best player in FIFA 21 FIFA Ultimate Team, you should understand how to use the transfer market. It can be tricky for new players, but do not worry, we are here to help you grasp it.

Please note that the price of the card varies depending on which platform (PS, Xbox, PC) you are playing on. Therefore, it is worth mentioning when the FUT 21 transfer card on the market is the cheapest and worth buying. When they reach the highest price, sell them.

Every week in FIFA 21, the transfer market price in FUT 21 mode is the lowest from Sunday night to Monday. At this time, the next squad battle is going on, and the FUT Champions Weekend League is over-this is the best time to trade.

This is because, before this weekend, players want to have the best squad in the weekend league, but not all investments are ready. Some football players' teams do not perform well, some do not fit the player's style, or use them just to get the team's maximum chemistry-there may be many reasons. As a result, once the game is over, they will sell not popular players to further strengthen their squad and play another FUT championship next week.

To list a card on the transfer market, you only need to find the card in the club, enter the player options wheel, and select "List on the transfer market". Here, you can compare the price with other prices for selling the same card to see the price and list it.

Remember, you can also buy and list consumables and cosmetics. These items are usually valuable too, so don't throw them away. Everyone needs a contract and a chemical style.

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