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FIFA 22: What Version you should pre-order

2021-09-07 04:07

As with previous iterations of FIFA, there are some versions of FIFA 22 available for pre-order, but it is worth noting that these three versions are very different from any previous iteration of the game.

For example, in the previous iterations in FIFA, we usually have the Ultimate Edition, Champion Edition and Standard Edition. However, the situation in FIFA 22 will be different.

You see, with the release of PS5, EA changed the available version of FIFA to reflect the shift to the next-generation game version. FIFA 22 will not have a championship edition, but there will be three editions.

-Ultimate Edition (PS4/PS5) (Xbox One/Xbox series)

-Standard Edition (PS5) (Xbox series)

-Standard Edition (PS4) (Xbox One)

As you can see, there are two standard versions, but each version is different-we will explain how in the following section.

If you currently own a PS4 or Xbox One, but you are looking to upgrade the next generation of consoles in the near future, then this version will be perfect for you.

In addition, if you almost only play Ultimate Team, then this version will be very suitable for you, because it comes with a lot of FUT privileges-including 4 days of early access, which will give you the first opportunity in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cycle.

This standard version is specially made for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S /X. It will allow FIFA players to enjoy all the next-generation features of FIFA 22s, however, it is not compatible with PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

It will have the following pre-order privileges:

-This week’s free team 1 player project (ultimate team)

-FUT Ambassador Loan Player Selection (Ultimate Team)

-Career model native talents (career model)

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