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Flashback Radja Nainggolan SBC in FIFA 21

2021-05-26 03:31

In the best Team of the Season promotion in FIFA 21, some flashback squad building challenges have been released, including some players who have participated in TOTS. This time, Cagliari attacking the midfielder Radja Nainggolan a 93 OVR player project is imminent. So, what do you need to complete this SBC? Let us discuss.

Radja Nainggolan is a formidable midfielder, a master of possession and passing to improve position. His new card reflects these professions through the following headline stats:

● Overall: 93

● Pace: 87

● Shooting: 90

● Defense: 88

● Passing: 91

● Physicality: 90

● Dribbling: 94

With an overall score of 93 points, Nainggolan is the next outstanding player in Serie A. TOTS flashed back to SBC Radja Nainggolan's 94 dribbles, 90 shooting and 90 physicality has been fully developed. He also has 99 long shots, 98 offenses, 97 short passes, and 97 shooting power.

Nainggolan will obviously be of major benefit to any Ultimate Team, so users don't want to wait and miss him. If Nainggolan has one shortcoming, it is his pace. His  speed and acceleration ratings are both 87.

If you want to complete the Flashback Nainggolan SBC, you must turn in three squads. The first part requires an 82-rated team with at least 80 chemistry, an Inform or TOTS player, and at least one Roma player. The second team must be 83-rated, have at least 75 chemistry, and carry an Inform or TOTS card, and a player from Belgium. The last solution requires a 87-rated team, at least 60 chemistry, an Inform or TOTS card, and at least one player from Serie A.

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