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FUT 20 Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM Review – Stats, value, situating, crew joins and more

2020-03-19 04:10

Manchester United new kid Bruno Fernandes delighted in an outstanding February, scoring once and helping two as the Red Devils chose up seven focuses from a potential nine.

The assaulting midfielder got the Portuguese Primeira Liga Player of the Month grant back in January and has just proceeded to line that up with another prize in his first month in the English Premier League.

Fernandes in-game details and investigation

Portuguese hotshot Fernandes has just become famous in the Premier League, anyway will he become a Ultimate Team top pick?

Fernandes has all that you could need in an assaulting midfielder. With 93 Vision and 92 Long Passing he is phenomenal at opening contradicting resistances.

Ready, 91 Dribbling and 88 Pace permit him to float past safeguards easily. His speed and expertise make him a double danger around the crate.

His champion characteristics lie in his shooting capacity. An incredible 95 Long Shots and 96 Shot Power make Fernandes deadly from around the crate. Try not to give this man reality!

Protectively Fernandes falls somewhat short, yet that is of little significance when his different details are so high. A remarkable 99 Stamina additionally guarantees he covers each piece of sod in an hour and a half.

Fernandes' Best Position and Role

As a CAM, Fernandes can be adjusted to play anyplace through focal midfield and up top.

Leaving him as a CAM permits him additional time on the edge of the crate, be that as it may, he likewise exceeds expectations further forward with his pace and shooting characteristics.

Fernandes' work rate and passing extent mean he carries out a responsibility playing in a more profound midfield job; be that as it may, this feels like it constrains his game as he is more averse to get forward.

Fernandes Squad Links

Playing in the EPL and being Portuguese, Fernandes has a lot of solid connections from focal midfield.

Contingent upon your arrangement, Leicester's Ricardo has a 88 LB card and 87 RB card which will green connect to Fernandes.

Manchester United brag absolute pace in front of Fernandes.

Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Dan James will all give green connections just as pacey dangers in a savage front four.

Wolves' Joao Moutinho and Ruben Neves will green connection Fernandes with their nationality, while Diogo Jota is another forward with a lot of pace to use Fernandes' marvelous passing.

Fernandes' Price

The current assessed cost of Fernandes' SBC's stands at 744,000 coins on PS4 and 716,400 coins on Xbox One.

Fernandes has a scope of exceptional cards as of now, so if this is out of your value extend, he has a lot of less expensive other options.

Worth Rating out of 10

A strangely decent card however marginally on the costly side. Fernandes is as of now a well known player on FUT since his transition to the EPL, anyway his current exhibit of extraordinary cards make his POTM card look slightly overrated.

That being stated, you won't be frustrated on the off chance that you complete the Fernandes POTM SBC's.

Absolute OVERALL RATING 8/10

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