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FUT 20 Reviews: La Liga Player of the Month

2019-12-06 09:25

It's Red Messi day, yet for the individuals who are not fortunate with their prizes, we likewise got a La Liga Player of the Month SBC as Toko-Ekambi. 
As per FUTBin, this SBC will take about 30K to complete on the off chance that you start without any preparation. The Jamie Vardy SBC promptly strikes a chord when considering this card, so it merits investigating how these 86 overalls look at. For one thing, Jamie Vardy is less expensive at generally 20K, and he likewise has Toko-Ekambi beat with pace — but Toko-Ekambi has better deftness. They're moderately even on shooting, with Vardy being better at volleys while Toko-Ekambi has better long shots. Toko-Ekambi is the better passer and dribbler, and he's a greater danger through the air. 
When all is said in done, I think both stay great qualities, yet I think Vardy dependent on his pace, strong shooting and science interfaces presumably still successes out. 
The Marquee Matchups this week are not exceptionally testing since it's a worldwide week for soccer. It's about 16K in the event that you start without any preparation, however it's nearly promised you won't be beginning from the starting point. The pack returns are delicate so you could in any case leave these behind absent a lot of issue, yet once more, they're likely modest to do on the off chance that you simply glance through your squad. 
We're additionally coming up on the finish of the principal bunch of Road to the Finals cards, so it's significant that there are 35K Mega packs accessible for procurement. You have around 24 hours to get fortunate before the following set goes live.

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