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FUT Birthday Eric Bailly SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

2021-04-07 07:14

EA announced that it is now possible to use the SBC to unlock the FUT birthday card version of Ivory Coast defender Eric Bailly in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team career mode. Definitely becoming one of the most popular cards in birthday promotions, Eric Bailly is now available and players can complete a series of "squad building" challenges to bring him into the ultimate team.

FUT Birthday: Eric Bailly States

This is indeed the Eric Bailly that we all fell in love with on FIFA 18. He is fast, powerful, and an agile defender. The gains here are huge and in the right place. Bailly's SBC currently has approximately 250,000 coins on the market. For us, unless you are a fan of Manchester United, this will be difficult. Obviously, if you are a fan, please do this for him, but for a relatively average card that is just around the corner in the playoffs, this seems to be a high price.

This is the third special card that Bailly has obtained in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Compared with EA, EA has greatly improved all his statistics, including passing (+12), shooting (+10), dribbling (+9), defense (+8), rhythm (+8), and physical (+ 8). His 79 silver version. His weak feet improved to five stars, while his skill movement remained at three stars. FUT Birthday Bailly spends about 258,000 FUT coins on PlayStation 4, 238,150 on Xbox One. This card is nothing special, but you can further improve his speed (+10) and defense (+8) by applying shadow chemistry patterns.

Eric Bailly FUT Birthday SBC cheapest solutions

Squad 1

Squad 2

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