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How to creat shooting chances to win in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

2021-04-22 07:57

To become a highly skilled player, you need to know how to consistently look for the back of the net. You may be the best defender in the world, but if you have a hard time scoring a goal, you will have a hard time winning the game.

The aiming circle should be above the crossbar. The player should then move the right joystick up to spin up the ball. The goal is to stop the ball in the upper right corner between the crossbar and the upright. The shot should be aimed at the corner of the free kick. Of course, the attributes of the free kick player you choose will have an impact. Those who score high in corners, shooting power and free kick accuracy will be the best. Players should place a force between two to two half bars after shooting. Ideally, the emission bar should turn green.

In very close matches, I usually find that my attacking players are constantly under pressure from the defender. They are even looking for the smallest chance to dart into the ball and cut into the ball or block the shot. When I like to use the push back action to quickly create the space that needs to be photographed.

"Push back" involves pushing the ball back more or less lightly, just using it is enough to remove it from nearby defenders and make it off your feet, so you can proceed to the second contact shot. There is no turning matter, so when you receive the ball you need to be somewhere in between, on the front, side or in the middle of the goal. This is just a situation where you break into the pass and want to get past the defender.

The first part of this move is the same as a weak foot turn because you will perform almost all the action of a shot – this time you swing your leg back before hitting the ball – but the difference is that you don’t have to turn the weak side to defeat the defender. Instead, you fake the shot and stop completely for a while, just enough for the defender's kinetic energy to create a certain space, and then you suddenly enter and shoot with a second touch.

To do this, power up the lens, then press the button when the light meter is full, then release the left stick. Your player will stop, then you can keep sprinting and push the ball away to set the shot.

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