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Available on April 5th

Coins 15% Bonus & Packs 10% Off for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

2020-11-17 07:25

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are on!  We’re rolling out to offer the best deals for you. Are you ready to get your ever cheapest coins? will help you build the best ultimate team.

1. Up To 15% Extra Coins for you!

Extra Bonus:

Ordering amount






1M +



Order amount between 100K-499K FIFA coins, get 7% bonus;

Order amount between 500K-999K FIFA coins, get 10% bonus;

Order amount over 1000K FIFA coins, get 15% bonus.

Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC

2.   All Packs 10% Off

During the activity, you can enjoy 10% off for opening all FUT 21 packs on It’s a good time to earn more FUT 21 coins.

Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE

Activity Time: 08:00, Nov.25th - 08:00, Nov.28th, 2020, UK

Come and join us!

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FUT 21 Coins

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