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Which is stronger in reality when FIFA 21 announces the best squads in La Liga and the Premier League?

2020-09-22 06:31

Recently, FIFA 21 has become a hot topic among fans, who have recently given figures on the major players, which has caused some controversy. And in recent days, they have continued to update some data, they have the best squad in the game of La Liga and the Premier League, do not know if you agree with the lineup they give? Do they give the same line-up as the real players? If you put it in reality, which team do you think will be stronger? Let's see!

The best line-up in La Liga is Oblak at Number 91, Alba at 86, Pic on 86, Ramos at 89, and Carvalhal at 86. In midfield are 88-year-old Kroos, 89-year-old Casseiro and 87-year-old Modric, 88 Azhar, 89 Benzema, and 93-year-old Lionel Messi. In this line-up, if put in reality Azhar must be taken down, joking that Azhar's performance this season is really not good, he is unlikely to appear in the best line-up in La Liga.


The best squad in the Premier League is Allison at Number 90, Robertson at 87, Maguire at 87, Van Dijk at 90, and Arnold at 87; There is also some controversy in this line-up, such as Kante's average performance over the last two seasons, and Laporte in the backline seems to be more stable than Maguire.

Judging from the data given by FIFA 21, the Premier League is obviously better than La Liga, at least the overall figure is higher than La Liga, but not much difference. If, in reality, these two teams play, which team do you think has a better chance of winning? The editor thinks it's still La Liga, after all, as long as there is Messi, anything is possible. What's more, there's a super defender in the team, Ramos? I don't know what you think. Do you think the data given by FIFA 21 are reasonable? 

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