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How to Change the Password of Your Account

1.Go back to the main menu - Push the 'PlayStation' button on your controller

2.Enter 'Setting' section - Move your cursor to 'Setting', press 'O' to enter

3.PlayStation Network / Account Management -> Account Information -> Password

4.Change the Password - Type in your current password, and new password (twice), then press 'Confirm'

5.Use your new password to sign in

1.Sign in your account - Go to, type in your Microsoft account email address and password, click 'sign in'

2.Home page -> Security & privacy (at the right side) -> Change password & more.

3.You'll get a verification code via email. Check the inbox and spam in your email, get the code and enter it online.

4.Click 'Change your password' in the Password section, fill in the table as the instruction and save.

Change the Password on Xbox 360
1. Sign in using your Xbox Live gamertag.

2. 'Setting' -> 'Account' - Move your cursor to 'setting' then 'Account', press 'A' on your controller

3. Scroll right to 'Your Information' and select 'Account Security'

4. 'Change Password' - Type in your current password once and new password twice, then select 'Change now'

1.Visit Origin.Com and log in. Click 'My Account', then choose 'Privacy Settings'

2. Select 'Security' and click the 'Edit' beside to the 'Account Security'

3. Next, you need to enter your security code via email to complete verification, click 'Save'

4. Now you can manage your account security, including 'Password' & 'Security Question'

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